descriptionAssorted dotfiles and scripts and things
last changeSun, 5 Jun 2022 00:20:43 +0000 (02:20 +0200)
2022-06-05 Mira AyreTidy fish config and swap aliases from vim to neovim main
2022-06-05 Mira AyreUpgrade from vim to neovim
2022-06-05 Mira AyreUpgrade setup
2022-05-31 Mira AyreMove to tmux section
2022-05-31 Mira AyreAdd files for tmux config
2022-05-31 Mira AyreRemove italic to fix CC in TTYs
2022-05-31 Mira AyreUpdate SSH config to work with gpg-agent
2022-05-31 Mira AyreRemove VPN scripts that are no longer needed
2022-05-31 Mira AyreRemove vpn apps and ssh-agent, add discord and hlat
2022-05-31 Mira AyreMake SSH use GPG agent and add helpful D aliases
2022-03-09 Mira AyreUpdate VPS username
2022-03-09 Mira AyreChange to gb extd layout
2022-03-09 Mira AyreAdjust sshuttle command
2022-01-16 Mira AyreRemove calendar from bar
2022-01-13 Mira AyreMake java programs follow GTK
2022-01-04 Mira AyreAdd beamer style and move tex scripts into tex section
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