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Hello, welcome to my box in space (read "VPS on the internet"). This site hosts
my blog where I post about all manner of things. I primarily post about
technology, computing, programming, and Linux, but I also write about privacy
(especially of the online variety) and ethics with the occasional touch of
philosophy when I can be bothered. You'll also find posts about music, be it
stuff I've played, written, or both, and also humorous or rant posts about
things I've witnessed or experienced that I just have a strong opinion on that I
want to get out. Safe to say this is not a specialised blog.

The blog is also available as an RSS feed, links to which you can find at the
top and bottom of every page or even right here.
This site is designed with both mobile and desktop in mind, but may require a
little zooming in on mobile. It is also fully viewable and usable on text-based
browsers such as Lynx and Links, so you can view this website on just about any

NOTE: I've found that on mobile, Chromium-based browsers are broken. They
aren't able to display items at the width the CSS dictates they do, even so
far as for the same width to be displayed in multiple different widths on
the same page. Needless to say you should be using Firefox on mobile already
(which has no trouble displaying the page properly), but for those wondering
why the site looks weird: upgrade your browser to Firefox.

### LEGAL ###

This site and all the content on it are licensed under the GNU Affero General
Public Licence version 3. The AGPL is very much the same as regular GPL, only
with the extra clause in that the source must be made available to users for
which the software is hosted over a network, such as for a website. You can find
all the source for this website on GitLab. The idea of the GPL is that it
enforces the 4 essential freedoms. These are important freedoms that allow users
of a software to use it as they need and improve upon it, but also share the
improvements under the same terms, meaning that a project under a GPL-family
licence can never be made proprietary and monopolised to remove freedom from
users and in a lot of cases spy on users too. The GPL prevents this from
happening, creating a freer software world for everyone.

### CONTACT ###

Other than here, you can find me on Mastodon, GitLab, and you can contact me by

Email    : olie at box in dot space
GitLab   : OTheB
Mastodon : @OTheB@mastodon.technology


Ethics - Guides - Ideas - Internet - Life - Linux - Meta - Music - O-lang
Programming - Servers - Thoughts - Work

### 2019 ###


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