2022-06-05 Mira AyreTidy fish config and swap aliases from vim to neovim main
2022-06-05 Mira AyreUpgrade from vim to neovim
2022-06-05 Mira AyreUpgrade setup
2022-05-31 Mira AyreMove to tmux section
2022-05-31 Mira AyreAdd files for tmux config
2022-05-31 Mira AyreRemove italic to fix CC in TTYs
2022-05-31 Mira AyreUpdate SSH config to work with gpg-agent
2022-05-31 Mira AyreRemove VPN scripts that are no longer needed
2022-05-31 Mira AyreRemove vpn apps and ssh-agent, add discord and hlat
2022-05-31 Mira AyreMake SSH use GPG agent and add helpful D aliases
2022-03-09 Mira AyreUpdate VPS username
2022-03-09 Mira AyreChange to gb extd layout
2022-03-09 Mira AyreAdjust sshuttle command
2022-01-16 Mira AyreRemove calendar from bar
2022-01-13 Mira AyreMake java programs follow GTK
2022-01-04 Mira AyreAdd beamer style and move tex scripts into tex section
2022-01-04 Mira AyreAdd lufs script
2022-01-04 Mira AyreSwap check from sshuttle to wireguard
2022-01-04 Mira AyreAdd thunar
2022-01-04 Mira AyreAdd oxo command
2022-01-04 Mira AyreUpdate font and swap monitors
2021-11-06 Mira AyreEnsure target directory in dots exists
2021-11-06 Mira AyreSet another colour
2021-11-06 Mira AyreAdd debug printing to lemonbar.d
2021-11-06 Mira AyreAdd deltachat to app list
2021-11-06 Mira AyreAdd tex styles
2021-10-22 Mira AyrePause notifications on screen lock
2021-10-22 Mira AyreAdd `stowpull` script for sending files to dots
2021-10-22 Mira AyreUpdate lemonbar script
2021-10-22 Mira AyreAdd ~/.local/bin to $PATH for pip packages
2021-10-22 Mira AyreUpdate dunst config to new dunst version
2021-10-21 Mira AyreImprove `pactidy`
2021-10-21 Mira AyreMake headers more obvious
2021-10-21 Mira AyreAdd `pactidy` script
2021-10-21 Mira AyrePlay with more colours in Element config
2021-10-21 Mira AyreAdd sshuttle abbreviation for convenience
2021-10-18 Mira AyreMake `maketex` it's own script
2021-10-18 Mira AyreAdd more useful LaTeX things
2021-10-18 Mira AyreAdd `pwc` command for counting words in pdfs
2021-10-16 Mira AyreMake vpncheck script check based on sshuttle rather...
2021-10-16 Mira AyreRemove unneeded C# highlighting settings
2021-10-16 Mira AyreAdd LaTeX stuff
2021-10-10 Mira AyreAdd tor browser
2021-10-10 Mira AyreAdd 2 wifi aliases
2021-10-10 Mira AyreUpdate SSH port because of this fucking uni internet...
2021-09-30 Mira AyreAdd colpick script
2021-09-29 Mira AyreMake comments more obvious
2021-09-29 Mira AyreAdd walpaper and switch from lxpolkit to xfce-polkit
2021-09-29 Mira AyreUpdate apps
2021-09-29 Mira AyreAdd more scripts
2021-09-29 Mira AyreChange fish accent colour to magenta
2021-09-29 Mira AyreChange colour scheme
2021-09-29 Mira AyreSet always-show-mime to true
2021-09-29 Mira AyreRemove surf config
2021-07-10 Mira AyreImprove aerc bindings
2021-07-10 Mira AyreFix url hinting
2021-07-09 Mira AyreRetheme for desktop
2021-07-09 Mira AyreFix clipboard stuff
2021-07-09 Mira AyreWrite coloursort script
2021-07-09 Mira AyreRemove ssg scripts because they're now in the website...
2021-07-09 Mira AyreAdd lots of apps
2021-07-09 Mira AyreFix scrot script
2021-07-09 Mira AyreRemove deadname
2021-07-09 Mira AyreAdd 'sv' alias
2021-07-09 Mira AyreChange font and update url behaviour
2021-07-09 Mira AyreUse ssh-agent
2021-07-09 Mira AyreAdd cheese app
2021-07-09 Mira AyreMake git-new able to add an existing repository
2021-07-09 Mira AyreAdd ssg functions for blog
2021-07-09 Mira AyreAdd cdots alias
2021-07-09 Mira AyreAdd SSG options to vim
2021-07-09 Mira AyreRemove unnecessary PWD stuff
2021-07-09 Mira AyreFix vimrc and add ssg scripts
2021-07-09 Mira AyreAdd Tidywhities plugin
2021-07-09 Mira AyreRemove defunct plugins
2021-07-09 Mira AyrePut all the files in the thing