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2022-08-29 Mira AyreAdd rsync flags needed to copy symlinked photos main
2022-08-29 Mira AyreAdd photography page
2022-06-01 Mira AyreUpdate about page
2022-06-01 Mira AyreFix incorrectly formatted link
2022-05-31 Mira AyreAdd laptop thin client blog post
2022-05-31 Mira AyreAdd hyphenation and allow some images to not be shifted
2022-05-31 Mira AyreWrite new blog post
2022-05-31 Mira AyreAdd highlighting information
2022-05-31 Mira AyreMake code blocks scroll and give them colour
2022-05-31 Mira AyreHandle syntax highlighting in code blocks with 'hl'
2022-05-31 Mira AyreCorrectly sort blog posts
2022-05-31 Mira AyreMake blog.html update when blog posts are added
2022-04-27 Mira AyreUpdate about page
2022-03-28 Mira AyreAdd new blog post
2022-03-28 Mira AyreRe-add push target
2022-03-28 Mira AyreFix webring code cause I broke it lmao
2022-03-27 Mira AyreTidy up webring.js
2022-03-27 Mira AyreRemove push from makefile to use git hook instead
2022-03-05 Mira AyreAdd webring thingy to each page
2022-02-18 Mira AyreAdd 'Irry' as name
2022-02-15 Mira AyreRemove 'aro' label from about page
2022-01-31 Mira AyreCorrect div padding in index
2022-01-26 Mira AyreMake CSS pretty
2022-01-26 Mira AyreSet background colour on index page
2022-01-24 Mira AyreRe-add favicon
2022-01-24 Mira AyreUpgrade site
2022-01-19 Mira AyreUpdate latest track link
2022-01-04 Mira AyreFix public clone link (needed a port)
2022-01-02 Mira AyreUpdate makefile
2021-12-23 Mira AyreUpdate latest track
2021-10-18 Mira AyreUpdate latest track link
2021-10-18 Mira AyreChange port to one uni isn't fucking over
2021-09-30 Mira AyreAdd cool little flag detail to hr
2021-09-27 Mira AyreSquish links on wide but short screens
2021-09-25 Mira AyreHandle font-blocking slightly less terribly
2021-09-25 Mira AyreAdd :focus rules to make keyboard navigation easier
2021-09-25 Mira AyreOptimise images a little
2021-09-24 Mira AyreAdd little readme file for gitweb
2021-09-24 Mira AyreExclude .git lmao
2021-09-24 Mira AyreAdd the stuff the leftover gitignore was gitignoring
2021-09-24 Mira AyreCompletely remake website lmao
2021-08-07 Mira AyreAdded more to messaging article
2021-08-03 Mira AyreUpdate fedi link and livestreaming page
2021-06-20 Mira AyreAdd theme toggle to top right of each page
2021-06-19 Mira AyreUse ComicMono font because I am a terrible human being
2021-06-19 Mira AyreChange name again
2021-06-19 Mira AyreAdd link to whatflag
2021-06-19 Mira AyreAdd extra ssg functions locally rather than hiding...
2021-06-19 Mira AyreUpdate livestreaming page
2021-06-19 Mira AyreAdd 'messaging' article
2021-06-19 Mira AyreFuck robots
2021-06-19 Mira AyreRespect prefers-color-scheme
2021-06-19 Mira AyreUpdate fedi profile link
2021-06-19 Mira AyreUpdate mxid
2021-06-19 Mira AyreAdd bandcamp link
2021-06-19 Mira AyreAdd livestreaming page
2021-06-19 Mira AyreChange name
2021-06-19 Mira AyreAdd video of Closer by NIN
2021-06-19 Mira AyreAdd I Wish video
2021-06-19 Mira AyreStyle scrollbar
2021-06-19 Mira AyreImprove page titles
2021-06-19 Mira AyreAdd little colourful line thing
2021-06-19 Mira AyreAdd 14 lines of CSS
2021-06-19 Mira AyreCorrect broken link
2021-06-19 Mira AyreFix indexing
2021-06-19 Mira AyreAdd articles section and personal-forge article
2021-06-19 Mira AyreAdd Funkwhale link
2021-06-19 Mira AyreTidy links on home page
2021-06-19 Mira AyreAdd link to Mastodon
2021-06-19 Mira AyreCan't spell "bad at" properly
2021-06-19 Mira AyreAdd more information to index
2021-06-19 Mira AyreAdd push target to send site to server
2021-06-19 Mira AyreTidied up index pages and maved videos over
2021-06-19 Mira AyreAdd git page
2021-06-19 Mira AyreFix make clean rule
2021-06-19 Mira AyreFix Makefile, messing with SUFFIX in the process
2021-06-19 Mira AyreFix Makefile
2021-06-19 Mira AyreCreate index page
2021-06-19 Mira AyreAdd Makefile
2021-06-19 Mira AyreAdd .gitignore
2021-06-19 Mira AyreAdd LICENCE
2021-06-19 Mira AyreAdd README