Here's a handful of git repos that I have. Some of them compile. Maybe even a couple of them are actually useful!

Clone repos with git clone git://[repo-name].

In the highly unlikely event you wish to send a patch in, send them to patches [at] [this domain] (even if the ancient readme says otherwise).

List all projects
Project Description Owner Last Change
aoc2021 Advent of Code 2021 6 months ago
compiler-book An attempt at writing a book... No commits
dots Assorted dotfiles and scripts... 2 weeks ago
bare BARE implementation for D 11 months ago
fc CLI flashcard tool based on... 2 months ago
sixels CLI viewer for Pixels exports 5 months ago
comshy Comfy shell for scripting 2 weeks ago
ci Crafting Interpreters 11 months ago
hl Highlighter language for inlin... 11 months ago
i I programming language and... 11 months ago
i-vim I syntax highlighting for Vim 11 months ago
macrodown Markdown flavour with simple... 11 months ago
qmk_firmware My QMK fork for my Corne keyboard 4 months ago
o O Compiler and related tools 11 months ago
o-vim O syntax highlighting for Vim 11 months ago
contrib Random bullshit lmao 3 weeks ago
tootsh Shell scripts for interacting... 11 months ago
mood Simple CLI mood tracker 11 months ago
tidywhities Simple Vim plugin for tidying... 11 months ago
kb Simple knowledge base software 11 months ago
hence Some kind of programming langu... 11 months ago
ssg Static Site Generator - tiny... 2 months ago
stf Statically Typed Forth / Stati... 11 months ago
website The website 3 weeks ago
chat Tiny self-hostable chat server No commits
whatflag Tiny webpage for searching... 3 months ago